Tommy Kramer

Tiger Woods has a coach. So does Jack Nicholson. Yet many radio talents have never had any meaningful coaching.

Look, there’s a reason the cavalry used Indian scouts. They knew the landscape and spoke the language. Most air talents are Indians, not soldiers. You can’t just give them orders and not explain the Strategy, and expect things to work out well. They’re artistic (or at least they want to be), and sadly, you, the Program Director, are the white man. Tommy Kramer is the Indian scout.

His personal career stats:

· Over 35 years in radio as an air talent, Program Director, Operations Manager, and coach. #1 rated in two Top 10 markets (Dallas and Houston). Corporate Talent Coach for Paxson Radio (47 stations).

· Has worked with over 200 stations (all formats) and coached over 1000 air talents. Also works with several of the country’s most successful voice actors.

· Elected to the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2003.

The process:

Much like a drama coach working with actors. Specific techniques that help air talents sound more real, and touch the listener in a personal and conversational way, eliminate generic content, and stand out against your competitors.


How to do great show prep.

How to find your unique “camera angles.”


A little unorthodox, very personal, virtually unlimited access to create a true “workshop” atmosphere. Think about how well your station will do when every time the mike opens, there’s someone who’s right here, right now, with something that actually matters to the Listener.