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So “The Connected Car” is Hurting Radio?

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tim_biopicBy Tim Moore


Flying stiffly like a frozen flag in the face of radio detractors and panic-pushers, once in a while our firm likes to invoke the ancient Chinese proverb, “never confuse the problem with facts.”

From Radio Ink and Edison Research:

While the battle for that valuable real estate on the automobile DASH rages on, radio still owns the ears of the consumer. Wednesday afternoon, Edison Research and Triton Digital presented some of their findings from the 22nd annual Infinite Dial study. Eighty-six percent of those surveyed in the study say AM/FM radio is their primary source for audio in the car. That was followed by the CD player (61%), MP3 Players (31%), Satellite Radio (17%) and Online Radio at 14%. AM/FM Radio also crushes online radio when consumers are asked how often they listen in the car.

When asked what they listened to in their automobiles, “Almost All of the Times” or “Most of the Times,” AM/FM radio was the answer by nearly six (60%) out of every ten respondent. Online radio was fifth at six percent. Looking ahead to whether an in-dash, or info-tainment system, will be important when they purchase an automobile, twenty-five percent said not very important and thirty-five percent said not at all important.

Read more from the Infinite Dial study at www.edisonresearch.com