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The Robinson Report – 11 Minutes

The NFL season is at the halfway point. 

Adjustments to be made – injuries to cover – quarterbacks in question.

Hundreds of hours have been invested in training camps, between game practices and film evaluation.

All for – 11 minutes.

The aggregate number of game-play minutes in the NFL is – 11 minutes.

That’s offense – and defense.

11 minutes is also the amount of time any one player is on the ice in a hockey game(goalie excepted).

Also – as discovered through digital endearment – the amount of time music radio is exposed (outside AM drive) and local television breaks (AM Drive) during say – The Today Show.

Convert this amount of prep to what most in media invest in their product before performance.


If we had talent invest just 10% of what professional athlete devotes to each game, there would be no outcry for ‘compelling content’ and ‘engaged talent’.

Before launching any ensemble media show, have them prep – and practice – off line in real time on several occasions.

You’ll get funny looks – but your brand is certainly worth the hours invested.

The Army calls it The 5 P’s – and the disparity of time in battle engagement vs. training hours is enormous.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Or – (click here) sometimes – more.

Good news!

Your competition isn’t prepping – or preparing – either!

Getting your players battle ready – for their 11 minutes creates a world of difference.

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