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The Robinson Report – Additive – Is Subtractive

You run across it every day.

The bloated Mission Statement – the prolonged podcast.

Internet articles that are much longer than needed.

Media brands with many – not one – position statements.

The best messages are – simple. Crisp. Prints.

You’ve read know about the 7 slots.

That is – the human mind has at any given time – 7 slots of short term memory.

Then – the brain has about 22 seconds to store it to long term memory.

The more you ADD to a message – the LESS memorable it will become.

If you’re a writer – or content provider – it’s tough to knife your baby.

You know – edit.

The linked article at the end of this report is summed up here:

  • A clean and simple message will be noticed and digested more times than one that is busy and cluttered.
  • More people will retain your message long-term when you don’t overwhelm them.

Marketing Teacher Seth Godin wrote about this.

In it Seth wrote about a before and after hotel message – click here to see it.

November 19th, 1863 – at the dedication of Soldiers National Cemetery in Gettysburg, organizers hired a featured speaker at the ceremony

Edward Everett – a professional orator – spoke for nearly three hours.

Nobody remembers a word he said. Not one.

In less than three minutes and fewer than 300 words, people still marvel at President Lincoln’s brevity in what he called “my little speech”

The more you say – the less you’re heard.

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