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The Robinson Report – Customer Service Revisited

Covid – 19 certainly has altered the way we do business. 

Events virtual – Zoom client meetings – no-touch contesting. 

Covid Customer Service has changed – and so must you. 

With slashed budgets and in some cases – staffing – we are all cash and time starved. 

How about a few easy things that makes YOUR brand to stand out – and above? 

As the world begins to fully re-open, revisit your lobby. The initial face-on portal for your Listeners and Clients. Most broadcast lobbies resemble a mortgage company. We’re still in show biz! 

Does your front desk offer guests a comfortable place to sit – something to snack on or a beverage? 

Auto dealers do – why not you? Three simple tactics to leave a mental mark on a visitor: 

  1. Offer a brief station tour – the vast majority of Listeners have never viewed a broadcast studio.
  2. When winners up a prize (now that we’re opening), offer them an additional item (logo materials – koozie – mask – t-shirt).  
  3. Have talent write then mail a hand-written thank you on a logo postcard for being a Loyal Listener (same with sellers to clients).

 Your Customer is ready for meaningful interaction – now more than ever. 

Even with empty studios – companies ready to assist have turn-key solutions.  

You see social media group-rants about the poor Customer Service from at different retailor on-line establishments. Yet broadcast establishments don’t answer their own phone. 

Leading Social Media expert Lori Lewis beats the drum – “acknowledgement (recognition) is the #1 key to interactive Customer posts”. Designate a small team to respond to every post. 

Need a few ideas from the best in the world? 

Here HereHere. 

Your Covid Customer Service can improve. 

Begin today! 

Next Week – Oprah!