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The Robinson Report – Gone In A Flash

“It is not the length of life – but the depth of life.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

The TMZ story notification floated on the top of the iPad during the Sunday ritual DVR’ing CBS Sunday Morning.

Kobe Bryant Dead In Helicopter Crash…

It surely had to be a hoax. 

Although – it was quickly mentally noted that TMZ was first (and correct) on the passing of Micheal Jackson – Whitney – Prince.

Nothing on Twitter – or any reliable news source.


And who could believe a life so full – such depth – could vanish in a blink.

Here’s why.

It happens every day.

The amplification of tragedy comes with celebrity – Roberto ClementeDale Earnhardt, Pat Tilman.

The Evansville Purple Aces. 

Tomorrow’s not guaranteed – to any of us.

As someone who’s lost loved ones on the slow, long tail of grief.
And – the flash of grief.

It’s a reminder that everything here is rented.  Nothing of this Earth crossover with any of us.

Not even loved ones – until it’s time.

Loosen the grip on emotional attachment to things.

House – Car – Bank Account.



All replaceable.

Let’s build emotional equity with solid priorities in our lives

Faith – Family – Friends.

Next Week: Dehydrated