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The Robinson Report – Hard Job

“Chance Favors Only The Prepared Mind” – Louis Pasteur

One day – sitting in a plane somewhere over the Midwest, a casual glance at the notes a weary traveler is creating shows what appears to be calculus. The accompanying textbook that reads “Spotlight Synthetic Aperture Radar”. That’s – a hard job. 

Trees limbs snap under the heavy winter snow this weekend. Linemen are dispatched in an attempt to restore power to thousands of consumers. Passing a team high atop the pavement, straddling a frigid pole – the heart aches. Ouch. Hard job. 

The Sappers of Company B, 65th Engineer Battalion perform Improvised Explosive Device (roadside bombs) route clearances in The Middle East. Their mission – to clear the way for comrades, hunting down IEDs – manually deploying the explosion. Many times with deadly results. Tragically – hard job.  

The mass bloodletting among corporate Goliaths has let many wondering – “Am I Still Up For The Job – ANY job?” 

The reality – the VAST majority of USA broadcast stations lie in medium and small markets. 

Most locally owned and operated.  

Inside these non-descript brick flats, strip malls and double-wide housing units are dedicated teams who have been connecting with their communities while helming several ‘jobs’ – across many brands.  

For years. Nothing new. 

Our industry remains the best place to serve the community, touch listener hearts – engaging them with true emotion.  

Automation systems, computer newsgathering, digital editors and wireless tower connections provide time to create more compelling, connecting content.  

If YOU’VE been in a one-role position in larger market, finding yourself ‘rif’ed’. 

Choosing to join any one of these remarkable locally sourced teams will required a pivot – to several daily roles. 

Challenging job – Yes.  

HARD job. No. 

How dedicated are you to our craft? 

Are YOU prepared to tackle multiple roles in a cluster of brands? 

That’s NOT the future of broadcast.  

That’s TODAY’S reality. 

Success there – favors The Prepared Mind. 

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