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The Robinson Report – Kaizen

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning”-Benjamin Franklin 

If you are a writer – you’ve had Writer’s Block. The fix? 


Your first words will not be Nobel Prize-worthy and  will probably stink. 

Get through it. 

If you are on the Podcast fence – start one. 

The first one will suck – but you’ll get through it. 

Do you think the first rehearsal of Hamilton was insta-great? 

Anytime you begin a new – thing. It will not be good. Continuous practice and improvement will get you to – great.

Ask a golfer.

Flashback to Summer 2013. The Senior PGA makes a stop at the heralded Bellerive Country Club in suburban St. Louis. 

Witnessed on the range, readying his game for the competition is Scotsman Sandy Lyle. Of course he would want to warm up before the first tee. 

The surprise was – who he had in tow. His swing coach. The former Open and Masters Champ was nearing 60 years old and hits 10,000 balls every year. 

Still Sandy needed unbiased assistance with  his near perfect swing. The Japanese have a name for this ‘continual or constant improvement’. 


Every day – improve. 


Every day. Every Hour. Every minute. 

Today’s broadcasters go through entire days without improving with their product – shackled with Zoom meetings, outdated rules and boxes we’ve placed ourselves in. 

The noise and distraction of everyday hum nearly requires outside perspective to achieve – Kaizen. 

As 2020 languishes, your brand and content (and YOU) need creativity and uniqueness more than ever.

It’s all about your attitude and perspective. 

And – Kaizen. 

As for Sandy Lyle – he quotes – It’s a never ending this game – it’s a constant battle of whatsoever’s working that day”.

Next Week – Revisiting A Guy Named Scott