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The Robinson Report – Leftovers

“It’s NOT the Leftovers that are wasteful – but those who either don’t know what to do with them or can’t be bothered with them.” – Julian Baggini

Your refrigerator is full of them – and by Cyber-Monday week, you’re sick of them.

We’ve covered Clutter Creep – the piling on of ideas without shedding stale concepts.

Now that you’ve reviewed your brand for clutter, what to do with – The Leftovers?

Those once- sacred artifacts that are dumped in the hold file.

Genius Fred Jacobs referred to them as Zombies.

The Leftovers aren’t without value – to someone else.

They had true purpose for you – but the shelf life expired.

So, in the spirit of the holidays, share them.

Ring up a colleague in a similar business.

Offer them the strategic, tactical and execution guts of the program that once brought YOU success.

Networking with a voice – not virtually – is a lost art.

Think of it as an Open Book garage sale – where the currency is ideas.

More times than not the voice on the other end with share one (or more) future Leftovers – in return.

Next Week: Alliances