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The Robinson Report – Mothership

Through Covid-19 and civil unrest, now – perhaps more than any other time in broadcast – it’s more important than ever to make a connection with your words. 

We do that by ensuring The Mothership is healthy – tending to her garden before you social media – dream of a podcast – look at your phone. 

Our modern radio studios you’ll find technology that would wow Buzz Lightyear. 

Whizzing computers, digital dancing LED’s, track lighting straight out of Architectural Digest with automation and wireless systems running the entire operation. 

And yes. IF you have air talent, that tech is running THEM. 

When a few of us started in broadcasting, we were required to be in The Mothership at LEAST an hour before our show began. 

Ample time required to get all assigned duties complete.

And – to prep for the show

Hand scheduling music, pulling records in order by hour, stacking carted commercials, meter readings while checking (and clearing) the news wire. 

All run by a robot today. 

Most music talent today glide in to the studio, often times with little or no prep, fire up their G-Mail, forward Face Book memes, check Fantasy Football trades, create a nonsensical Tik Toc. 

Only then – they might look at the imported songs and spots – often two songs into the hour. 

The automation is taking care of everything, right? 

Most have not been taught the massaging of the atmospherics – and scoring a brand. 

And some wonder why so many shifts are now voice tracked. 

The first break reflects something like this: 

“…that was John Mayer on K-ROB 106.7…I’m John Jocker…good to have you along this Monday morning…coming up Spin Doctors, Gwen Stefani – here’s K. T. Tunstall on K-ROB 106.7..” 


Just a SMALL ounce of prep on the same break, using the fewer words could sound like this: 

“…K-ROB 106.7…I’m John Jocker with an artist that beat both U2 and Coldplay for best song in the 2006 British Grammy’s… K. T. Tunstall on K-ROB 106.7…” 

Prep time – 17 seconds.

Challenge your to talent to prep the show BEFORE going into the studio – or voice-tracking session. 

Put meat on the bone on every event on The Mothership – the Great Ones always made each break unique. 

The very best talent insist on having access to the next days’ log – mapping breaks for every hour in advance. 

Words are all we have to make an impact. Let’s not waste them. 

Next Week – The Jungle