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The Robinson Report – Name

“Remember my name and you add to my feeling of importance” – Dale Carnegie 

Covid-19 certainly has changed the networking game – If not all but canceled it. 

Events will require masks – so now more than ever – your NAME is more important than your face. 

We’ve visited the technique of Scott Ginsburg over the past decade. Scott is the guy who, since 2000 has worn a Hello My Name IS Scott – nametag. 

Every day, every hour, every minute. He even has it tattooed on his chest – so it’s on when he showers. 

One visit to Scott at www.hellomynameisscott.com. And you’ll know who he is – instantly. 

Have a look at what Life Coach and Expert Networker Halle Simpson says about getting the most out of networking. 

Many lack confidence and – harbor fear – in a business social situation. 

Gain YOUR confidence by taking Halle’s ‘6 Tips’ for networking to heart – here

In measured media, we ‘run for office’ every quarter hour. 

Every day – every month. 

Imagine you – applying Scott’s affinity for name recognition and Halle’s passion for networking – with your media brand. 

Making a face impact on the first meeting – audience | client | networking – is paramount. 

Confidently, rip those weeds of fear out of your thoughts. 

Here’s a quick set-up list for your next event: 

Upon greeting, announce who you are (and who you’re with) – first AND last name

Create nametags, embroidered shirts or ID’s for your staff (magnets backs for nicer clothing/events)Engage prior to station/client business (where are you from/where do your kids go to school?)

 That’s where relationships are built.

Give your New Friend FULL attention, being engaged – ‘in the moment’

Leave something – anything – memorable to create a lasting impact 

On air – same goes. Say YOUR name – and your brand first AND last name. 

In the order of how the logo reads – same way every break. 

You can make an impact with the smallest details. 

Hand-written thank you notes

You’ll certainly be the only one in your brand lane – paying attention.

Next Week – Reception