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The Robinson Report – Nothing Lasts

People and things will come and go.  Everything in this life is transient.  This is why spirit always must be our first priority.  It is our only true constant. – Anton St. Maarten

More high-profile format and legacy talent hit the beach this month.

It’s a solid reminder that nothing last – forever.

The extinction list is riddled with non-broadcast and broadcast brands.

DinosaursPay PhonesThe Busy SignalFotomats – Dial-Up Internet – Word ProcessorsBlind DatesFloppy Discs.

In broadcast, the headstones read Magnetic Wire (Yes – it was a thing before we stole magnetic tape from The Germans) – Table-Top Radio – Splicing BlocksBulk ErasersAssociated Press Wire.

All to serve a reminder that everything has a shelf-life.

When we get the call or note from a recently displaced talent looking for radio work, we encourage during down time to think – AUDIO work.

AUDIO is hotter than ever and you can make your impact – today.

Of course you might start a unique podcast.

Create GREAT audio/video content on Twitter – GETTR – Rumble – Face Book – Tic Tok – among hundreds of other platforms.

Audience in legacy broadcast is leaking.

Find yourself without a RADIO home?

Send us your background and audio work – here.

Also know – YOU have plenty of other outlets to get your content noticed.

Take that enduring spirit to an unlimited audience.

Think of it as a liberation.

You’ll have complete freedom – and your boss is reflected in the mirror.

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