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The Robinson Report – Shrink The Audience

‘At stadium shows, we connect by shrinking the audience, reducing the place so the guy in the back row of the balcony is the one left’

Dave Murray Iron Maiden 

The power of small focus is large. 

Starbucks – coffee. 

Titleist – golf balls. 

McDonalds – hamburgers. 

These companies sell much more than their – ‘focus’. 

However, they are known for that – ONE thing. 

The industry buzzes in 2021 about ‘engagement’.  

Building an engaging relationship with the listener is all about communicating to ONE person. 

NOT thousands. 

You remember hearing your favorite personality growing up – he or she was ‘talking to YOU’ – not everyone else.  

Whether it was Cousin BrucieJohn Records LandeckerElvis Duran or (insert your favorite here), they were doing their show for YOU and no one else. 

Air talent – podcasters – video bloggers (unlike stage actors) must break the ‘4th wall’ and connect directly with the target.  

YOU have the unique opportunity to be ‘one’ with the listener. 

You get listeners to like you just by showing up.  

You get them to LOVE you by bonding in a one-on-one relationship.  

As they say, you get Listeners ‘one at a time’. 

Accomplish this by telling stories and reducing trite tactical ‘bits’.  

Also, eliminate those words that build the wall (‘everybody’, ‘out there’, ‘where you are’) and simply employ the word ‘you’ with intimate regularity. 

Deliver content as though the Listener is sitting in the control room with you!  

Eradicate nonsensical language such as ‘radio’ and ‘station’.  

Your content should be an experience – not a box or building. 

Doing so as part of your mantra will increase your Listener Eye Contact, galvanize the relationship with your Listener and GROW your brand by connecting with the audience. 


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