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The Robinson Report – Spectacular

The human brain has around 7 slots of short-term memory at any given time, although my wife Monica will argue that I under-perform in this category. 

Why Be Good When YOU Can Be Spectacular?

Your brain also has about 22 seconds before it decides to burn the short term memory slots in a new brain file or discards them.

That said, if you don’t think that entertaining, memorable radio can happen in under 15 seconds, you haven’t heard the late Real Don Steele. 

Don made it to my long-term memory.

Don was one of the original Boss Jocks on the legendary KHJ-AM/Los Angeles and finished his wonderful career at Oldies K-EARTH/Los Angeles. 

Hear Don by clicking HERE.

Don could take the smallest amount of time, using unbelievable word economy and craft an entertaining break that would blow your mind. All with outstanding listener Eye Contact.

What? Listener Eye Contact?

Listener Eye Contact is that special magic where you experience the air talent coming through the radio, connecting on a one-on-one level with you. 

It is as though YOU are the only one getting the message. You hear it today – an air talent that sounds ‘staged’ versus when they communicate with YOU!
Even though Don was HIGH ENERGY, you felt like it was just him and you. Plus, you remembered what he said!

Being Spectacular requires minute-by-minute excellence. YOU can influence a diary keeper just by connecting in every break!

Former Arbitron Representative and True Talent Founder Karen Young put it like this in her 7 Things Personalities Should Know About The Ratings memo – written in the 90’s:

YOU CAN SNARE NEW LISTENERS WITH MINUTE-BY-MINUTE EXCELLENCE. Research has shown that most people discover new stations by scanning the radio dial and landing on something they like. Many diary comments from listeners mention that they change the station when the jocks and/or the commercials come on. So you’ve got constant opportunities to lose the listeners you have, and gain listeners from other stations who are breaking. You’ve got a few seconds, at best, to make a case for why they should keep listening to you. Make every single minute the best it can be.

With competing platforms on the phone you’re reading this on, true talent is true differentiation.

The Real Don Steele snared me in 15 seconds – will you?

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