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The Robinson Report – The Death Of The Expert

“A man hears what he wants to hear and he disregards the rest” – Simon & Garfunkel (1964)

Now more than ever, no experts exist.

Driven by technology, anyone can build their case (opinion) on virtually any subject.

Tom Nichols published a book – see it HERE on Amazon.

Public Health ‘Experts’ – no ‘expert’ can exist on Covid-19 as it’s a new illness. It’s difficult to locate anyone who is correct on predictions.

Suddenly politicians trump experts.And masks? There exists ‘experts’ on both side of the topic for and against.

Journalism – anyone – you – with an iPhone is a now a journalist.

Film, edit programs, publishing platforms. All free of charge. 

BOOM – you’re a published ‘expert’.

Podcaster – No ‘experts’. 

On-going debate on length, use of videos, where to post, do clicks mean consumption?


Ah – radio.

At one time it could be argued there were experts.

Format developers, syndication ready for cookie cutter radio stations all over the globe – and results.

Now – today.

Thousands of our broadcast brethren have been idled.

Waiting to see who’ll emerge with an expert idea.

Not one ‘expert’ can reputably say what to program in a Covid-19 space.What to program in a rioting space.

What to program in a ‘losing the dashboard’ space.

What to program in a smart speaker space.There’s only one proven way to get attention in the media space.

Customized, creative and unique.

Not better.

Fresh ideas that emerge from local strategic planning and tactical guidance.
And adversity.

Guess what.

You’re the expert.

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