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The Robinson Report – Time Spent

“In advertising, not to be different is suicidal” – Bill Bernback

The clock is ticking. 

SURVEY – 53% don’t watch any live TV ads” 

That is – during LIVE TV viewers are taking that time to second screen – peek at Social Media – something OTHER than watch the ads. 

Flip side – DVR viewers only fast-forward two-thirds of the ads. 

This IS down 25% from 2016 – when a New York Times article quoted a viewer: “I like to see what is going on in commercials,” Emma Staples, a 29-year-old sales manager in Knoxville, Tenn. 

This translates easy to audio. 

Helps solve part of the Time Spent Mystery – a ‘Silver Bullet’ to increased listening occasions. 

A pill you’re likely not to swallow – a bullet you’re unlikely to take. 

Upgrade your creative. 

Do your Listeners want to see ‘what’s going on’ in your commercials?

Yes. If – they are ‘creative’. 

As programmers, we go OUT OF OUR WAY to divorce ourselves from commercials.  

But – know that your commercials – are on YOU!  

To the Listener, they are as much a part of your station as your music – morning show – ’10-in-a-row’.

Are your spots (opening with a question and ending in a number) written by your creatively untrained Account Executive at the desk over a chicken wrap? 

The double gut-punch of Covid-19 and mass layoffs have made adding personal mute. 

Adding a dedicated Creative Director – or – loading up The Barter Machine, cluttering your product is not a healthy option.  

Training your air talent and ad sellers to create lean-forward creative – IS! 

  • Pay a visit to Creative Mastermind Tim Burt – loads of FREE resources – HERE.
  • Get to know The Wizard of Ads Roy Williams – HERE.
  • Gary Moore’s Local Broadcast Sales offers tools – HERE.

 MOST state broadcast associations have FREE resources included you’re your membership! 

Send a spot – ONE spot – to us and we’ll light the fuse. 

Our audience has no option of fast-forward.  

Plus, we don’t know if the Listeners ‘heard’ the commercial break – or merely ‘exposed’. 

The reason for The Geico Gecko – Progressive’s Dr. Rick – Liberty’s Limu Emu

Insurance is BORING. 

Their creative – is not. 

The clock is ticking.