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The Robinson Report – Unique

“We are shallow because our media are so horribly shallow.  Every morning, I peruse the newspapers and there is so little to read in them.  It is the same with radio – that noise.  That artifice” F. Sionil Jose

If you caught the Adele special on CBS last night, you know it was certainly – unique.

Oprah and even Adele herself aside, it’s her amazing VOICE that makes Adele – unique.

The songs – if sung by nearly anyone else – would be very good but certainly not legendary.

Her VOICE is – the hook.

The previous night, NBC’s Saturday Night Live gave Taylor Swift a full 10 minutes to perform ONE song. – a record for a musical guest.

A tune without a discernable hook.

It’s HER storytelling that makes HER and her songs – unique.

Connecting – by storytelling – is a teachable art.

The teachable – or gifted – crafts a mundane piece of content into a unique story.

At times, the artist points to the delivery system for disappointing results – not content.

“Nobody listens to radio anymore”, the crowds paraphrase.

The truth – legacy broadcast media is far from dead.

If there’s a truly unique brand producing lean-forward content, the delivery system is moot.

Audience will find great content – regardless of the delivery system.

What’s unique about YOUR brand?

Is there a differentiator from the competition – digitally-build systems – syndicated products?

Just ONE thing that wins you first-preset?

Early 1990’s – having an introductory lunch in Chicago with future mentor John Gehron, he politely listened to the plan for our brands.

Structurally sound plan but far from – unique.

After a long pause, Mr. Gehron politely remarked – “Why would I want to listen to that?”

To evolve YOUR brand into truly a unique product – it will take – Daring Greatly.

At this point.  Now.  We need risk-takers.

Next Up – Giving Thanks