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The Robinson Report – You Won’t See This In A Marketing Report

“You Won’t See This In A Marketing Report” – Robert Loggia’s character MacMillan – boss to Tom Hank’s character Josh – as they romp through F.A.O. Schwarz in the 1988 movie – BIG 

You learn more about a brand – simply by communicating and observing customers.

The brain works in small chunks when it comes to brand recognition.
With 7 slots of short term memory and exposure to over 5,000 ads per day, you retain few visceral images.

Of any brand.

Customer panels – focus groups trump data perception studies – every time.
It’s nearly 2020 – what if you could observe though Google Earth – your target customer?

Drill down on what (for example) HER daily routine is like (And how your brand fits).

Zoom down on her kitchen – where, if there’s say – a radio, it is an attachment to an appliance.

She may not even know it is there!

Move the map over a few feet to the dining room – family room – the basement.

No radio – maybe a Smart Speaker. Another device that holds – radio.

Even as you sweep over her bedroom, you won’t find a radio on (which is located inside her alarm clock) as television trumps us in the house nearly every time.

So, in the little time you have her (as you Google Earth her through town – in the car, at work) how will you make an impact?

Try emotional benefits – not mindless attributes.

Craft imaging and messaging – words – with reflective content.

What truly is important to her?

Family – relationships – health.


You WON’T see that – in any report.

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