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Bridge: Alternative Platforms To Spur Radio TSL Growth

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tim_biopicBy Tim Moore


Bridge Listening Pyramid

BRIDGE RATINGS offered a more optimistic vision of radio’s future growth in its latest “Device Usage Study,” asserting that terrestrial radio finally “gets it” when it comes to multi-platform audio consumption. Furthermore, if it aggressively pursues Internet and mobile distribution of its product, total Time Spent Listening should increase by 2012 and especially 2014.

Currently BRIDGE estimates that terrestrial radio programming garners 19 hours a week of total listening; 94% or 18 hours comes via AM/FM and 6% or about one hour comes from Net simulcast. There has not been enough data to calculate any mobile device (ie: smartphone) listening. There is insufficient data to indicate how much, if any, listening is derived from mobile devices at this time.

BRIDGE predicts that in two years, terrestrial listening will drop of a 90% share, while Internet will grow to 8% and mobile listening will make its presence felt, with a 2% share. The good news is that the growth in Net and mobile phone listening will likely make up for — if not surpass –any drop in terrestrial listening.

Current terrestrial TSL is expected to fall 3% by 2014, from 18 hours and 15 minutes a week to 17:40. However, Net listening TSL will rise 39% from 11 hours and 20 minutes a week to 15:45, and mobile listening is expected to increase 23% from 4 hours to 4:54.