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Important Developments – From RRC, Nielsen Streaming Enhancements

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tim_biopicBy Tim Moore


There’s still work to be done:  Nielsen’s software application (SDK) is in Beta Test, but after months of development, the company believes it has a working solution for capturing streaming listening on any device, such as smartphone, tablet, desktop.  Required will be installation of the Nielsen software into Browser and App streaming implementations.  Eventually, this software will also allow measurement of podcast listening (not just download counts).  But without installation of the SDK, effective measurement of streaming listening and eventual cross-platform measurement of media consumption will not be possible.

What you need to do is start with the Nielsen agreements:

  • Go to the web addresses below.  You will be asked to “register” to receive the agreement materials for each streaming type.
  • Once the registration is approved, you will receive a second email with links that will direct you to the agreements themselves (there are two identical agreements:  one for browser and one for apps.)  These can be e-signed directly through the website
  • Upon signing, the final email will provide you with links through which you can download Nielsen’s meter technology, along with accompanying guideline and technical materials.  If your station does not manage its own mobile and browser platforms, please let Nielsen know which vendor you use so we can make sure you are in the queue.  3rd party vendors with whom Nielsen has been working include JACAPPS (V4), Triton, WideOrbit, and others.

Agreement for Applications


Agreement for Browser Implementation


In the Nielsen Client Service Representative field, please enter:  RRC (Chris Meinhardt).

In the last entry field about Service Subscription, enter: Digital Audio Measurement.

Part of the evaluation process includes reporting measurement results for your stream(s).

And, if the station stream is PPM encoded, do not uninstall that encoder !


Our thanks to Carl Nelson at RRC

ADG and RRC are very interested in the sign-up process, wanting to make sure that it is as smooth as possible for as many streamers as possible.  So, please let us know how it goes.

Carl Nelson

Manager of Client Services

RRC, Inc.

301-774-6686 Voice

301-774-0976 Fax