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The Robinson Report – Attitude

”The only disability in life is a bad attitude” –Dale Carnegie

Our neighbor Bruce is one of those people who ALWAYS beams a smile.

With the people on our block coming out of self-imposed winter hibernation, it was nice to once again see Bruce and his pearly whites.

The 93 year old still walks three miles a day and on this morning walk, we caught up with small talk and pleasantries.

The second sentence out of Bruce’s mouth was:

“I don’t know if you heard but I have terminal prostate cancer”.


Bruce then went on to say he’s rejecting any treatment because he wants to live his last six months without the bondage of chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

It’s a Monday – the day we hear most people dread.

As you’re reading this on a device you can afford, with shelter and clean running water – how’s YOUR attitude.

Perhaps you’ve heard about Nick Vujicic, Bethany Hamilton or Randy Pausch?

Nick and Bethany embrace Mondays. 

And Randy would like just one more.

As we start a fresh week – among global turmoil – simply give thanks for you gifts we’re given.

Perhaps – even write them down.

One more thing about our friendly neighbor – Bruce.

Within a month after moving across the street, his wife of nearly seventy years passed.

Bruce reminisced about her – with a smile on his face.

Next Up – Change