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The Robinson Report – The Complete Package

“The important thing was that I was still on the radio”Dick Biondi when ask why he took a job in a small town in South Carolina

Where did branding go?

There was a day – albeit decades ago – where each broadcast brand had a ‘look’.

Coached to don suits, colorful scarves, and whacky hats.

The point is that when you saw them – you knew them.

Talent – knew their ‘look’.

WMCA Good GuysBoss Radio JocksWLS Swinging Seven.

What happened to the talent group photo?

Today you’d be hard pressed to find a talent at an appearance with the brand logo on their chest, mic flag or behind a banner.

Radio – decades back – was The Complete Package.

How they dressed – how they performed – how they showcased.

Talent coaching – a weekly priority.

When did the focus on talent – disappear?

Talent – had their own jingle.


The Complete Package has vanished.

As SiriusXM – with merit –  throws shade at legacy broadcast.

We’ll get the THAT – next time.

Take a moment to look how your Complete Package is presented.

You just might be surprised how unremarkable it is.

Next Up – They’re (Mostly) Right