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The Robinson Report – The Plan

There truly has not been a stranger 10 days in our generation.

Not even 9-11.  That was an instant shock.

Covid-19 is like watching a balloon inflate.

Nobody know when it will explode – but it will.

So the government is asking (telling) us what to do.

You’re scrabbling at your business for a plan – any plan.

What have we learned so far?

We need a plan – for everything.

There was a time post 9-11 that every CBS radio station had to have a plan.

For EVERY scenario.

And we tested it.

There will be other national catastrophes.

Nuclear disaster – hazardous waste leak – food terrorism.


When we get through this, highly consider your plan – The Plan – for anything.

Make someone at your business the captain of The Plan.

Test the plan.

Repeat at home.

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If The Plan needs an outside perspective, call us.

We’ll assist – fee free.