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The Robinson Report – They’re (Mostly) Right

“TV gives everyone an image, but radio gives birth to millions of images in millions of brains. – Peggy Noonan

Our industry got our collective belt buckles in a bundle last month when SirusXM floated this ad:

SiriusXM is (mostly) right.

As you dive through the belly of America, scanning local terrestrial radio, you’ll discover a bucketful of – nothing.

If you like talent who tells you little beyond a brief introduction to title and artist, you’ll be a big fan.

The vast majority of music brand operators employ local or national voice-trackers who offer little to the consumer.

Few – if any – build breaks to engage the audience, tell a story or bond with community.

Many local, community mornings show are serviceable (and a handful – exceptional) with few breakthrough talent past 9am.

All while radio friend Ron Parker and other former ‘radio’ talent are burning up SXM’s 70’s on 7 – with energy and content.

*Spoiler* – it’s not the talents’ fault. 

We’ve found time and again the direction talent is given is weak.

Or – non-existent.

The train of “shut up and play the hits” has long left the station.

Listen intently to your brands today. Hear what’s offered.

If you’re a content creator, ask (demand?) permission to entertain.

If you’re coaching Content Creators, encourage talent to spin a story, sound like your community and paint with words.

Millions of brains are waiting for those million images.

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