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The Robinson Report – We Do What We Do

In the 2015 cooking production Burnt, Bradley Cooper plays a passionate but troubled chef. 

His character implodes in Paris after poor lifestyle choices and he is rebuilding in London. 

During his rebound, the narcissistic cuisiner  has his staff ‘at-the-ready’ for the lauded Michelin critics to enter, sample and judge so the restaurant can earn his new restaurant a coveted third star. 

There are several miss-cues, including fake reviewers and misidentifying possible culinary pundits, all which send him into a rage. 

His team, time after time attempts to change what they do so they might play to the critics. 

After a recovery relapse, Cooper’s character discovers that they ALL benefit from collaboration.  

The restaurant is doing well with positive buzz on their work. 

Finally, as the REAL Michelin critics arrive, his staff freezes while questioning next-step. 

“What do we do…?”  

The response – perfect. 
“We do what we do…” 

In other words, keep making great a product no matter who is in the seat.   

Consistently create a great product and rewards follow.

In media, some of the smartest fall into this trap. Move a feature –  amp the equipment – float commercials. 

Then wait to ‘count meters’ – quarter hours – diaries – with flawed data.  

Science has its place but never supersedes creating a robust, vibrant product that attracts audience – and critics. 

Bradly Cooper wasn’t filming in London with box office take and Oscar dreams. 

Build a solid strategic plan with vibrant tactics to support that plan and consistent success will find you. Do – what YOU do.

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