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From coast to coast in Top 50 markets or market 150, Audience Development Group has emerged as radio’s most successful multiple format cluster specialist.

Our magna carta calls for a strategic and tactical system of developing music architecture, imaging, and talent development. Virtually everything is customized to available research, market fingerprint, opposition forces, and company scope.

As a new dawn is breaking in media’s economic reinvention, Audience Development Group is attracting admiring glances from ownerships and their leaders who accept the need for a complete, multiple format one-culture: one-expense with one synergistic outcome.

Time moves in only one direction: forward. Explore the possibilities of a partnership with Audience Development Group’s strategic and tactical weaponry and the people who create them.

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Since its mid 90’s inception Audience Development Group has interacted with many of America’s top broadcasters including…

Paxson Communications, Next Media, Citadel,  Liggett Communications, Beasley Broadcasting,  Alpha Broadcasting, Zimmer Radio,  Galaxy Communications, Mid-West Family Park Broadcasting, Clear Channel, Border Media, Pamal Broadcasting, Cox, MBC Grand, Morgan Murphy, MacDonald – Garber, Atlantic Morris, Compass Radio / San Diego, University of Washington, Premier, Federated Media, Midwest Communications, mediaBrew Communications, LaSalle County Broadcasters – and more!

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