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     From coast to coast in Top 50 markets or market 150, Audience Development Group has emerged as radio’s most successful multiple format cluster specialist. 
     Our magna carta calls for a strategic and tactical system of developing music architecture, imaging, and talent development. Virtually everything is customized to available research, market fingerprint, opposition forces, and company scope.
     As a new dawn is breaking in media’s economic reinvention, Audience Development Group is attracting admiring glances from ownerships and their leaders who accept the need for a complete, multiple format one-culture: one-expense with one synergistic outcome.   
   Time moves in only one direction: forward.  Explore the possibilities of a partnership with Audience Development Group's strategic and tactical weaponry and the people who create them.  

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Very few people in our business have ever situationally assessed, then put into action, cluster programming planning like Audience Development Group
Kevin Robinson, Program Director, The Arch (St. Louis)


Some think with tradition - 
Our team members and alumni          
been required to think   

"Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster team. But sooner or later the man who wins is the man who believes he can."  Vince Lombardi



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