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We're in the business of meeting needs.

And business is sensational.

From coast to coast in Top 50 markets or market 150, ADG has emerged as radio’s most successful multiple format cluster specialist. Our magna carta calls for a strategic and tactical system of developing music architecture, imaging, and talent development. Virtually everything is customized to available research, market fingerprint, opposition forces, and company scope.


At the pinnacle of our success at Susquehanna, ADG was there to help. There’s no question they helped make us a better company.
Scott Mahalick, Hubbard Radio

Some think with tradition. Our team members and alumni have been required to think innovation.

Borrowing from Wayne Gretzky, Audience Development Group believes it’s not enough to skate to where the puck lies—instead, we skate to where the puck is going. This means starting every project or relationship with the premise that as programming advisors, we need to work from the business-plan-back, as opposed to coming from the music computer-forward.

Most competent programmers can improve ratings, given adequate time and resources. Audience Development Group knows that the real “number one station” is the top biller. Thus, everything we do begins with these questions:

*What is your desired financial outcome from this strategy?

*What resources and operating scope is required?

*Does the plan meet the time/return continuum?

As a new dawn is breaking in media’s economic reinvention, Audience Development Group is attracting admiring glances from ownerships and their leaders who accept the need for a complete, multiple format one-culture: one-expense with one synergistic outcome that comes from the heart of your business plan then flows to your brand extremities in a coordinated cluster attack. When you’re in a ratings war, it’s best to aim high.

Everyone in radio talks about brands and branding. Like “positioning” which preceded it, “branding” is an active verb that implies a process: critical thinking into strategy, strategy into tactics, tactics into execution, with consumer reaction as a result. This is a refined scenario that only occasionally takes place across the radio landscape, thus making “branding” a passive noun.