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tim_biopicBy Tim Moore


Radio’s Magical History Tour
Don’t be Afraid, be Ready

Fast water, rapid changes, a hue and cry for certainty in an uncertain world; everyone fixates on how to succeed. Sometimes we learn a lot more by performing an autopsy on why companies fail. Here are hunks of red meat—however pithy—to pass through your departments.

Reality management defined: a coach’s job is to convince someone to do something they really don’t want to do, so that they can become something they’ve always wanted to be.
Anyone can sell great ratings…can’t they?
We celebrate bad ratings and missed sales figures five times longer than good ones.
There are only three types of people in radio: the gifted, the creative, and everyone else.
When a gifted person starts getting creative, the rest of us should just get out of the way.
Failing with a radio station is never fatal, failing to change might be.
There are three categories of people in a cluster who need to be overpaid: the talent who relentlessly brings more listeners to the station, the people who bring in the money, and the manager who hires them.
Since 1997, 90% of radio content has focused on the sending end. Starting now, 90% of radio content had better start with the receiving end.
If an on-air promotion doesn’t excite the talent or cause buzz, it’s called a sales promotion.
Staff creativity is something you cook up that is brand new…or something old you do in a brand new way.
If a sales person is in their job for any other reason than the money, or an air talent is in theirs for any reason other than entertaining, you have the wrong people in the wrong jobs.
Says George Johns: Radio Ink publishes The 40 Most Influential People in Radio. Perhaps they should publish the 40 People Most Responsible for the State of Radio in 2009.
The confluence of compacted time and money present radio with a simple premise: cash is king. Without product however, it won’t matter.
According to the FCC, CFO’s cannot hold licenses.
Companies don’t compete, people do.
People don’t leave companies, they leave bosses.
The test of a great show is one that produces a great promo.
No matter how good your ratings, a client will soon straighten you out.
Most women left the bar scene when they were about 27. Unfortunately, too many radio programmers target those women who haven’t.
A radio station always seems to sound like its PD.
Since 2000, too many of us have put the technology cart before the performance horse.
People who aren’t funny off the air, shouldn’t try to tell jokes on the air; yet they always do.
If your station imaging sounds like the PA flight announcements at O’Hare Airport, you’re probably not connecting.
It’s what’s above the bottom line that causes the bottom line. Tonnage cures everything.
The easiest radio station to make successful is the one that heretofore never existed. A distant second is the one with a new brand, name, and address.
Never marry a person you met on the request line or at a remote.
There is no greater cause for celebration than a ratings party.
Holding on to what you have, usually keeps you from having what you want.