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Living entities either grow or they die. There is no stasis aside from cryogenic suspension. It’s a new year and convention has it we’re supposed to make resolutions, turn the page and form new compacts with ourselves and others. All swell of course, but pure fantasy unless we change some wiring. We work with many terrific people across the country and often openly discuss the importance of self image. Freely offered here are some concepts that might interest you.

Self opinion and performance go hand-in-hand. If we could go back and start life as an artist with a blank canvass, how many of us would repaint our self image?

Though well meaning, some parents, teachers, and coaches have done a lot of discounting; “why are you always spilling things,” “little girls don’t talk-back, “why can’t you pay attention like your brother?” People move to what they picture; take Columbus as an example.

We’ve often said-probably to the dismay of a leader somewhere-the biggest job of management is to help someone see what they don’t see. People will build emotional attachment to that which they lock onto first. At 29 I assumed the role of VP at TM Companies (Dallas) and inherited a staff older and certainly more seasoned than I. One day my sales manager mentioned that he was driving over to Fort Worth to see his parents and he needed to drive his “old car.” I responded, “old car…why?” Bob replied that his parents had never made more the forty thousand a year and couldn’t understand his life or its rewards and that it made them uneasy. This was a classic example of the premise that people can’t hold two conflicting opinions without emotional upset. You see it in management all the time.

In the past, business embraced “The Peter Principle” which suggested people rise to a level of competence and once past it they fail on cue. It was never true. Instead, some just “stop deserving” then quietly talk themselves out of their new success. Presidents, CEO’s, Generals, and everyday people self-sabotage their winnings just as they reach a peak. They don’t really fail-they just stop deserving.

We neverfail because of who we are…we fail because of what we think we can’t become. If the ancient bromide “some are just born with it, others aren’t,” how was it possible for Dr. Suzuki to teach countless little kids to play the Violin without any pre-screening?

Former Navy pilot and motivational author Denis Waitley wrote: Life cannot be collected. Happiness cannot be traveled-to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is a state-of- mind; living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. The gift of life is not a treasure hunt. You cannot “look” for success. The secret is to turn a life of collection into a life of celebration.

So maybe the idea of New Years’ resolve isn’t required. It’s entirely possible the idea of daily-resolve is the ticket; seeing more clearly that each of us is responsible for learning as much as we can, seeing ourselves with a higher concept of what we can be, and contributing to life as much as possible. That may afford us the power to adapt and change when odds are stacked and nuit blanche fears are chasing us.

Tim Moore

Tim Moore

Managing Partner

Audience Development Group