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The Midweek Motivator – Priorities

More and more I hear conversations about aspirations; opportunities lost and found. It’s that kind of time. Where are you focusing your attention; a promotion, wealth, notoriety? So indulge me in this off-the-top recall challenge:

1.     Name the last five Heisman Trophy winners.  

2.     Name the five wealthiest people on the Globe in 2020.

3.     Name five people who’ve won the Nobel Prize.

4.     Name the last three Academy Award Best Picture winners.

5.     Name the all time top five best-selling albums.

So how many did you nail; half at best? The aforementioned triumphs represent the best in the world and have clearly reached a zenith in their category. With that said, how much did each iconic outcome contribute to you; how much impact on your life? Clearly not all that much or their identities would easily have rolled off your top-of-mind recall.
Indulge me; take another very short recall exercise:

1.     Name three teachers and/or coaches who were inspirations in your early life.

2.     Name three good friends who were there for you in a difficult time.

3.     Name three bosses or supervisors who taught you something of great impact.

4.     Name five people who contributed to your self-esteem.

5.     Name five heroes whose histories have inspired you.

You probably scored much higher with the second category. Why? Because someone’s personal touch added importance to your life, not to mention boosting your self-esteem at just the right moment during your forced march into adulthood.

My Dad (the Coach) reminded me to help people who might never help me, do right when it would be oh-so much easier to do the opposite and above all, keep your word (even when we’d rather not).

Personally we can’t do much about Covid-19, we can’t do much more about whose elected President, and only a handful of people can influence a stock price; none of whom are in radio.

Goethe had it right: “Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.” Thanks to all the people who motivate me and to John Maxwell for the inspiration.

The privilege of a lifetime time is being who we are.