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The Robinson Report – 20 Things

At Audience Develop Group, we have resources for our clients and talent – at the ready. 

When partners, broadcast groups or state associations request a session, we pull from our deep library. 

We’ve developed programming tracks on subjects as:  

  • Programming Warfare – Advance strategic and tactical brand positioning.
  • What Yo Need To Know – Every aspect of becoming a Program Director in 2021.
  • Coaching The Coaches – A step-by-step diagram for successful coaching at any level.
  • Branding in a Social Media Age – Keys to having YOUR brand cut through the clutter.

To name a few.

We also have a bare-bones, no nonsense “20 Things to Improve Your Brand – TODAY”. 

Here are a few notes from that piece: 

  • Tip #3 – Keep Your Listener Informed – Set the table – Reset – Tell Me A Story.
  • Tip #9 – Second Guessing – Go with your gut.
  • Tip #15 – Art of The Interview – Ask ONE question no one else will ask.

If you’d like a complimentary copy of this presentation – or – if you’d wish for us to present to your team, simply hit reply on this e-mail. 

And begin improving YOUR product – today!

Next Week – W.I.N.