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The Robinson Report – Alliances

Notice how, with little fanfare, artists have taken to aggressively building alliances with other media.

Far beyond 15 years ago when the insertion of songs from The Fray to Anna Nalick to Snow Patrol found a Grey’s Anatomy audience. 

Music licensing unions have jumped into the act – with tutorial for musicians to get exposure for their art.  

Disney properties execute this across all their platforms (ESPN on ABC!) without reservation! 

Remember the happy accident – 10 years passed – with High School Musical?

Insiders said they would have been thrilled with 30,000 soundtrack scans. 

With their own alliance (Disney Channel) they shattered viewing and merchandise records

Now more than ever, native media hungers for  broad strategic alliances.
Apple Pay – Mastercard.  Barnes & Noble – Starbucks.

Audience Development Group has partnered with DMR/InteractiveSteve Wall’s Talent Farm and several syndicated products to help each other expand our reach.

Starting today, search outside the typical channels of exposure and certainly outside your comfort zone.

  • Zero into ONE community in your community that contains substantial audience return – then become a part of every parade, festival, pig roast, fireman challenge and civic event they do. You will be rewarded with prominence in all their events.
  • Reach out across another platform for cross promotion – even if it’s NOT in your group – most groups are doing this with television weather.
  • Approach a grocery chain for your brand to ‘own an aisle’ where the store features specials available only advertised with you – insist on placing several FLOOR decals (the last uncluttered space in a grocery store) in the aisle for maximum exposure.

Media noise has increased to deafening levels on all platforms (Social, You Tube, Connected Car) and radio’s impact is suffering.

Make 2020 your opportunity to maximize alliances with non-traditional venues.

Next Week: Hire Smart