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The Robinson Report – Dehydrated

You can’t pass even one aid station – you’ll pay for it.

When elite marathoner Khalid Khannouchi prepped for marathons, he begins the race completely hydrated.

Then, with carefully placed hydration points, he races at a sub six minute pace for just over two hours – always capitalizing on gaining fuel.

The elite marathoner knows that one skipped hydration opportunity might gain a few battle seconds on competitors but they hold the wisdom that the war is every inch of 26.2 miles.

TRUE radio operators understand this.

Those on bended knee to staggering debt – cast aside quality people for profit.

In the trenches, know we’re aching for replenished resources (people, marketing, research).Those who design the battle haven’t caught up to the pain.

Of course – this is nothing new.  Elimination of valuable human assets has been going on for years.

New technology – Internet, mobile phones, satellite, poor Nielsen placement – have loaded up the excuse wagon.

ALL those distractions – out of our control. 

Radio remains the most powerful reach medium , gaining Listeners every year.

Thank you, digital.

Radio, time and again, beats other mediums in response – beat that drum.
This is not and won’t be the last call for traditional media to eliminate their esteem issue.

Operators need to rehydrate.

The BIG Entercom – CBS merger held promise.

Turns out – even their lauded leadership places stockholders over human capital

Operators who understand that personalities – properly led -more than pay for themselves.

And – entertainers are differentiation between platforms, streaming audio services and ‘Centers Of Excellence’.


The only way to compete – and win – this marathon.

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