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The Robinson Report – Digital Dilution

“If television’s a babysitter, the Internet is a drunk librarian – who won’t shut up.” –Dorothy Gambrell

Covid-19 has provided us a pause to re-valuate our personal and professional brands.

And – ample time have an unfettered look at our social foot print.

Good news – the Internet is infinite.

Bad news – the Internet is infinite.

Same with Social Media. Literally there is no end to the expanse. 

There IS a need to be in this space – or you wouldn’t be reading this.

DO you need to be in the – social media space? 

Trader Joe’s was LATE to the game – only runs Instagram and Facebook.

Apple has two also – but they don’t feed them.  Strange – or smart?

Once you’re in, you can’t control the narrative  – or sharing.

Best way avoid the Black Hole vacuum that is social?

Own ONE platform – ONE for the biggest imprint. 

John Jay shares nearly ALL on Instagram.

Dana takes ownership of Facebook. 

Bill lives on Twitter. 

Growing your social foot print is free. 

Avoiding digital dilution is – unavoidable. 

The answer to really PRINT in people’s lives – is found at the end of the Internet.

Social distance – wash your hands – wear a mask – be safe out there.

Next Week: Teflon