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The Robinson Report – Hire Smart

“Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.” – Lou Holtz

If you are a Brand Manager, building talent is much like casting and directing a movie. 

You MUST have the vision in your head to complete the picture!
It is documented that the cost of replacing an employee is 2 ½ times the person’s salary.

Stop right now and do a web search on job interviewing. You will discover thousands of websites on how to ‘rock’ the interview.

Quality interviewing is an art – but can be learned. But before you get there, do your homework.

The Basics

 For the position, insure the candidate is qualified for the opening – many make the mistake of ‘they can nearly do the job – we’ll train them to do the rest’

Work Ethic

Media is like White Castle – we never turn off our grills. Your candidate must understand that uneven and a high hour count is part of what we do.


Hire attitude over talent with like experience. An ambitious attitude can make up for talent shortcomings – the reverse can be cancerous.

Good People 

Identify those individuals who have a strong moral compass and can compliment your mission – not disrupt it.

The Law of Three


 After weeding the piles of resumes, identify at least three qualified target candidates.

Three interviews

Before the candidate visits, conduct three thorough phone interviews.

Three people

Enlist at least TWO other leaders to interview the candidate – everyone has different styles – these styles will bring out different qualities in the candidate.

In our world of the 
impersonal job solicitation, intimate and personal contact will build your team’s most important, non-duplicatable asset.

Kevin Robinson
Senior Partner
Audience Development Group