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The Robinson Report – Meat On The Bone

“You’ve got a few seconds – at best – to make a case for WHY they should keep listening to you.  Make EVERY minute the best”

Karen Young – Former Arbitron Expert (from a 1997 memo)

Those who have seen ADG’s presentations often see Karen’s words – from 25 years ago – on a slide.

Before digital measurement – before the internet – before smartphones.

As relevant today – as it was two and a half decades back.

You’ve heard the breaks – perhaps on your radio today.

Talent who coast through content.  As we say – ‘phoning it in’.

Local talent wonders why some of their shows are voice-tracked from a different state.  There’s rarely ‘meat on the bone’.

At one time, we had an air talent that compiled over 7,000 pieces of content on the artists in our library.

Now – there’s SongFacts.com.

In sessions, we often ask talent – would you put THAT audio on an awards submission?

As talent, we remain the only differentiator from streaming and podcast services.

Every minute counts.

Put ‘meat on the bone’ – every break.

Every Snap – Tic Tok – Instagram – You Tube – Sound Cloud.

It’s what the audience is hungry for.