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The Robinson Report – Memorable

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting. Make it fun.” –Leo Burnett

What makes a brand – unique? 

What is the secret sauce that separates YOUR brand – from the competition?  

It is – memorable

We ultimately look for ‘different’, not ‘better’. 

Different is quantifiable. 

Clearly defined in the end-user’s mind.  

Better is subjective. 

There are plenty of ‘better’ that suffer inferior outcomes. 

Different is memorable. 

For broadcast it is separated into three buckets.

Content – how is your brand based (talk – music – video programming) different from your competition?

Personalities – is talent on YOUR brand lean-forward – memorable?

Packaging – what is the score of your brand and how are sonics – atmospherics – written and produced?


A. If you’re a Christian radio brand and you strive to sound like – say – K-LOVE – you’re already behind the 8-ball.

B. Second (or third) in a Country radio battle, you better sound different (especially third!).

C. Talkers – picking up syndicated scraps to beat a live – local brand will only create roadkill results. 

A great (and expensive) non broadcast example is Quibi. 

That brand thought they were different – clearly not. 

As you and your team evaluate your brand, ask ‘…how are we different and why would I want to listen…”. 

Today – different IS better! 

Next Week: Not JUST Radio