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The Robinson Report – R.I.P.S.

Wonder when it leaked into business?  

Most likely with the pervasion of overly-researched, splintered brands and the advent of syndicated consultancy. 

When did every one of our brands need a slogan? 


What’s the slogan for Starbucks, Old Navy or Apple?  

You know their product WITHOUT a slogan.   

Years ago, our friend George Johns reinforced to us that Disney doesn’t have a slogan. 

Nothing could appropriately describe the brand. Starbucks got slogan?  


Hey – it’s Starbucks or a ‘Triple Grande Skim Latte’ to me. 

McDonald’s? OK. McDonald’s has a catchy jingle that they change every decade or so. 

But no “…the best burgers and the tastiest fries…”, wall-paper tag line. 

Former National Program Director for WAY-FM, Dave Senes shared that his network doesn’t have a slogan because WAY-FM “targets a life group who is sick to death of being marketed to.” 


WAY-FM is a Christian Music network – shunning the word ‘Christian’ and connecting with their experience. 

The best brands are defined by their experience.  

At the launch of a format or an evolution, we feel compelled to etch a position in the Listener’s mind.

Regardless of the positioning statement, Z100 means hit music, K-EARTH means Classic Hits and WBBM means all news.

One of our latest audio creations – no slogan.

The experience lives in the mind.

Think you need a position or slogan? 

Get rid of it today. See if the Listener misses it.

If you’ve ever completed a Nielsen diary review you know they are not recalling it – or writing it down.

Define your experience in a quarter-hour. 

All they’ll need.

Rest. In. Peace. Slogan.

Next Week: Customer Service – Revisited