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The Robinson Report – Reception

“Your perception will determine your reception” 
 – Bernard Kelvin Clive 

Elwood, Indiana. 

A small town filled with Americana Values – tucked in the belly of The Hoosier State. 

Also, home to the world headquarters to – The Red Gold brand. 

Their executive facilities are housed in an old elementary school – with few markers to waypoint their gates. 

When entering the building, there’s no buzzer or passcode for entry. 

No – you will find a welcoming reception person – offering coffee. 

And – a walk through their museum. 

Yes – museum. 

Make the short 22 minute trip west on IN 28 and south on IN 213 and you will run into Beck’s Hybrids. 

Atlanta, Indiana. 

The middle of – somewhere. 

Beck’s Hybrids is a family owned- national brand. 

Yet – when you enter their headquarters, you instantly feel at home. 

You’re suddenly in the middle of a faith based ‘bookstore’ – read while you wait. 

You are also offered a gourmet coffee – sip while you wait. 

You’ll be invited a self-guided tour through their fascinating museum. 

Want some Beck’s swag – they have their Country Store  – right on the property. 

Red Gold and Beck’s don’t need to have these ‘extras’ – they WANT to have them to enhance your experience. 

If fact, just 8 minutes away – north on IN 19 is another global Ag brand. 

DuPont – Pioneer -Corporately owned – publicly traded. 

No welcoming center – hot coffee – museum to tour. 

Each building – which resembles a WWII era barracks – require you to pick up a cold gray corded telephone in order to be ‘buzzed in’. 

When you arrive in your reception area this morning – take a hard look.

Skeletal Covid staff is a great opportunity to re-examine YOUR reception area. 

You’ve walked through it hundreds – perhaps thousands of time. 

What does YOUR reception say – about YOUR brand? 

Does it resemble a Hard Rock Cafe – or bank lobby

Whatever you have in your reception – sets the stage for both employees – and clients. 

Your perception – IS your reception.

Next Week – Mothership