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The Robinson Report – Same As It Ever Was

Once gray winter night, I took the opportunity to clean out old folders in a closet.

As I opened the first box, the musty aroma filled my lungs.

You know the smell – a combination of your grandmother’s closet and an elementary school gym.

Shifting through the yellowing pages, one old memo grabbed my eye.

Entitled ‘What Makes A Great Jock’, points included:

  1. A distinguishable, warm voice
  2. Good judgment on content
  3. Sounds like they are having fun
  4. Contemporary thinker
  5. Ability to envision their show in their mind
  6. Good on-air rap with listeners, traffic, news and others in studio
  7. They realize the necessity of public appearances
  8. They follow directions well
  9. They have an appreciation of all aspects of the radio station
  10. They understand that THEY work for the station, not the other way around

Kent BurkhartOctober 1985
Embellishments and further articulation to these basic points have evolved.

Storytelling is a missing must-have attribute that separates YOU from a Spotify list.

However, the basics never change.

Covid-19 has altered the avenues of listener interaction and the digital tsunami have certainly added to the ‘list’.

Zoom seminar agendas table the ‘content’ topic – yet we seem more intoxicated with the content delivery systems (iPhone – Social Internet – Podcast) than actual content.

It’s not the speakers – it’s what comes through the speakers.

In the words of The Talking Heads – Same As It Ever Was.

 Next Week – Oprah!