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The Robinson Report – Succession

The lesson that, #1 – management has to be the highest class possible.  #2 – they have to have a succession plan – Al Waleed bin Talal

Yet few of us do.

Developing a succession plan – for talent, management, ownership – means facing pain. Change.

Change will come whether you’re prepared – or not.

Your highly successful #1 biller is going to leave – someday.

Most sales outfits we work with are constantly recruiting.

Who’s on deck?

The franchise morning show has a shelf life.

What’s your training program for the next great storytellerr?

Simply starting the discussion brings anxiety and uncertainly.

At the minimum, develop a program to I.D. your next team members.

As an example – at CBS – in conjunction with Arbitron – there was as scorecard in place to track emerging morning talent who consistently out-paced the rest of their brand – and the market.

Know that Audience Development Group is at-the-ready to assist in building your bench.

On the ownership level, it’s critical to protect your people and property.

What’s the succession plan – as an owner – once YOU exit?

If you haven’t addressed it, Audience Development Group can assist with succession plans – too.

Start the succession conversation – today.

As morbid as it sounds, death – is undefeated.

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