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The Robinson Report – Taste and Smell

OK – There’s personal bias here.


A return to The Great Lakes Media show in three weeks with The Michigan Association of Broadcasters is always special.

Not only do we share ideas, but we reconnect with longtime friends.

Beyond the tremendous annual conference, Lansing’s Grand River downtown has been revitalized – and driving through the glorious state brings treasured memories.

The Pure Michigan radio creative also comes to the top of mind – mesmerizing.

YOU can taste the spots at michigan.org or click here.

Do yourself a favor – don’t watch the Tim Allen voiced TV spots. 

It might soil your theater-of-the-mind.

Listen to just ONE of their radio spots – now.

 See. Taste. Smell. 

See the fog lifting from the first tee at Shamrock Hills.Taste summer melting Sherman’s Ice Cream, dribbling off the chin.

Smell the late August water, while the sun sets on  Grand Junction’s Saddle Lake.

Why can’t all radio creative be like this? 

These are not ads – this audio subtly draws you to the flavor of our 26th state.

And – know that superior AUDIO bests VIDEO – every time.

It can be done. 

The magic is in YOUR words – as they draw the senses into the reader’s mind.

Try this.

Write creative as though Tom Hanks is your new voice talent. 

With copy no more than 12 words – the number before you need to breathe.

On every piece of imaging – or advertising.

Sure, you’ll need to engage the Right Brain.

But the cold drink from the garden hose and the smell of Grandma’s Sunday chicken will be well worth it.

Next Week: Richard Pryor on the Video