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The Robinson Report – Teflon

“We’ve got about another five more years in the format”-Legendary GM Harvey Pearlman (1992) 

Turns out, formats are covered in Teflon. Legacy talent – not so much. 

Covid-19 has moved the waypoint for some of us. Not all. 

Flashback – December 1992. 

They are beating the death drum from for gold – based formats. 

As the new Program Director of Infinity’s Oldies 104.3 WJMK, those words echoed like an unwarranted virus. 

Unwarranted – it was. 

History demonstrates that GREAT Oldies stations like K-EarthK-LUV and CBS-FM wore Teflon as they marched through the decades, becoming printers of money for Infinity then CBS – now Entercom. 

Now, 28 years later, the same can be said – just a different title.
Classic Hits. 

Legendary programmers like Joe McCoy, the late Mike Phillips and Chuck Brinkman find their seats occupied with a new generation of smart Classic Hits strategists like Jim Ryan,Jay Cresswell and Chris Ebbott.

But the results are just as large. 

In Los Angeles, K-EARTH sits on top of the jammed-packed Los Angeles market at #1, Dallas’ K-LUV is a consistent Top 3 and CBS-FM is consistently in the Top 3 – now just a ½ share from #1. 

Not one person is crowing that Classic Hits (Oldies) is receding.
The format roars. 

Tom Kent adds affiliates like a spring rainstorm. 

So WHY is Classic Hits is still flexing muscle? 


Music and talent that printed memories from the creative Golden Age – in deep and wide in our collective cortex. 

Today – NOW – Is your brand creating memories? 

What you do today is a memory embedded – forever. 

Gold-based formats are like a warm blanket in a winter freeze. 

When the country has a virus, it’s chicken noodle soup with grilled cheese. 

The Teflon shield around Classic Hits – is stronger than ever.

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