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The Robinson Report – “That Will Keep Them Humble”

What will YOU learn through this ‘shelter-in-place’ era?

One spring midday long ago – while driving through the belly of America, National Treasure Paul Harvey  was commenting on golf – Mr. Harvey Loathed Golf – and all of its absurdity, signing off with … “That Will Keep Them Humble” 

If you’ve taken a swing at the little white ball,  you know exactly his meaning.Armchair quarterbacks reside in every industry. 

We watch the pro golfer hit an errant shot and think ‘I could do that’. 

The pro quarterback throws an interception and we (as we watch in super slo-mo) cannot fathom that  he didn’t see the defensive back.  

Success – lies in the execution.

As we surf through Covid-19, every member of your crew will need to learn another job. 

As managers, sellers, engineers or talent, we often slog through our routine daily in a warm blanket known as our comfort zone. 

We mentally criticize others air work, selling effort, studio performance or any issue out of our wheelhouse. 

You think you can do it? 

If you’re in programming, go cold calling  with a seller. Engineers should try an air shift – any air shift! 

Sellers – try maximizing Broadcast Cash Flow

General Managers – think you can fix the digital STL or tweak your Optimod 8200?

I didn’t think so. 

The point is we all have specialized talents. 

Learning a little about what each of us do will enlighten us, grow appreciation for our important roles and build a stronger team. 

So walk a day in a teammate’s sneakers. 

That will keep you humble. 

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