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The Robinson Report – The Jungle

 “You don’t have to be satisfied with America as you find it.You can change it.”
– Upton SinclairThe Jungle 

Budget time – 2021. Yes – Christmas decorations will hit Wal-Mart this month. And budget planning for 2021 will gear up next month. Whoa. Welcome to the BUDGET jungle. If you believe the headlines, danger continues to drum in The Media Jungle. Covid-19 has leveled and the bigs will be certainly shed brands for pennies. Couple this with hundreds of digital mediums hungry for what he have  – 93% of America’s ears and rising though Covid-19 – the consumption jungle appears not as dark. So, what do YOU do? Excel. NOW is the time for excellence. No Junior Varsity. Only the strongest soldiers at every position. 

  • If you’re a content creator or talent, no coasting now or ever. Your only chance of connecting among the clutter is with custom, focused, UNIQUE breakthrough content for your Listener. Be special.
  • Sellers, custom presentations win. Demonstrate the true difference that your brand provides. Even though a mask – in person presentation engagement wins. Focus your client’s creative on the experience and differentiation, not price and item. 

Not satisfied with your brand – today? Change it. Or someone – some thing – will change it for you. In The Jungle, the lion is King. Today – especially in a pandemic – choose to be the King of your brand.
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