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The Robinson Report – The Tracks and The Dash

“Through the Mississippi darkness, rolling down to the sea, but all the towns and people seem, to fade into a bad dream” Steve Goodman

There a train that’s been leaving Chicago – mostly overnight – for eight decades.

The City of New Orleans – immortalized in song by Chicago’s son Steve Goodman – is Amtrak’s’ most efficient line in the country.

Rarely delayed, it’s nearly as consistent as an Atomic Clock.

Many broadcast brands today resemble this fifteen car steel flyer – stuck in the same tracks.

Steady – efficient – predictable.

Cannot recall one performer (which, in broadcast we ALL are performers) that longs to be steady – efficient – predictable.

We jumped into The Performing Arts – to entertain. 

You know – SHOW business!

Every time a new national ‘platform’ is launched, the business dies a little bit.

Which brings us to – The Dash.

In the Linda Ellis poem – The Dash – she reflectively writes about that mark on YOUR tombstone.

The mark that separates the day we are born – and they day we leave this Earthly life.

Your life and the mark you leave.

Now – as you read this – how you are living your – Dash?

In the light of your Dash – how does your brand sound – today?

What mark will it leave?

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