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The Robinson Report – Top Posts of 2021

The feedback we receive year-round from our Audience Development Group posts are both rewarding and humbling.

We hear from group VP’s who share our columns company-wide.

Programmers who post relevant content in studio.

Air talent who send a motivational note of thanks.

With Christmas firmly in the rear view and the new year steamrolling in the windshield, let’s take a moment to review the top Robinson Reports YOU chose as the most read.

10 ~ Weeds – Building and coaching a creative team is messy. You’ll gather weeds on the way.

9 ~ Giving Thanks – Those in need around us require our assistance throughout the year. Not just the holidays.

8 ~ R.I.P.S. – Slogans. Does your brand NEED one?

7 ~ Google Listener – Do YOU have a Target Listener? Yes. You need one.

6 ~ Adjustment – As the world changes around you, what course corrections are required and you anticipate?

~ Gold – Are you putting in the work NOW to win GOLD in 2022?

4 ~ 20 Things – The Basics. You’re doing them wrong.

3 ~ Coach – Everyone needs a coach. Tiger Woods has five.

2 ~ How We Live – We’re not judged on how big ratings grow or record-setting revenue. We’re judged on how we treat each other.

1 ~ Unique – The audience determines which is the better selection. Unique, well-produced content wins.

Here’s to a robust 2022!


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