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The Robinson Report – Trader Joe’s

Many legacy brands hold nefarious secrets.

Coca-Cola was developed during The Civil War – laced with morphine – to ease the pain of soldiers in field hospitals.

Both Volkswagen and IBM flourished under the watchful eye of The Hitler Regime – the latter helping the Nazi’s catalog camp prisoners.

Mountain Dew is slang for Moonshine – runners would mix it with their illegal whiskey.

Moonshine runners would also modify their cars to be light and fast – eventually showing them off at weekend local fairs.

Which gave us NASCAR.

Of course, many brand secrets are buzzworthy and things of urban lore.

Take Trader Joe’s – and their legendary secrets.

With locations in 42 states, the boutique grocer has plenty of positive secrets to offer shoppers.

Here’s just a few:

  • Crew Members (what they call their employees) are required to open any item for a taste – test
  • Crew Members communicate by ringing a bell
  • Any Crew Member can hide a stuffed animal for kids to Treasure Hunt
  • Bananas have been 19 cents for over a decade

Check the whole list – HERE – including that every store employs not one but TWO artists to draw their professional-grade signage.

What about YOUR brand makes it special? 

Unique to only – you?

A few idea starters:

  • Have an air staffer call 10 listeners every week and thank them for listening (and rotate who is responsible for the calls).
  • Morning teams – develop a small circle of loyal listeners and check in with the panel monthly for show feedback.  Easy to do with Zoom!
  • We once had a Promotions Director who gave every visitor a station tour and showered them with logoed items.

Two and a half decades ago consolidation opened the door for homogenization.

However – since you’re reading this – you believe in constant brand improvement.

What are you doing – or going to do – to make YOUR brand unique?

And therefore – memorable.

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