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The Robinson Report – Unmotivated

“If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it’s a bright day.  Otherwise, it’s not.” Elon Musk

When you drive though the belly of America, the scenery has a sameness.

Corn – beans – cattle – poultry.  Looks the same in Iowa and Indiana.

Hit your radio ‘scan’ button, you hear the same.

Country – Top 40 – Classic Hits – Adult Contemporary.  Sounds the same in Minnesota and Michigan.

Most radio in this country is copycat.

And – it’s NOT just this industry – by far.

The uninspired – the unmotivated grows in copycat land.

Understand that revenue tightens – human capital is time-starved. 

Creativity crafting the SOUND of your brand doesn’t need to be time intensive – unmotivated.

Some of the best unique brands are planted in smaller markets – memorable brands are rare in – ‘The Bigs’.

Centralized programming neutered creativity.

Here’s why YOUR brand need to stand out.

Alexa – Spotify – Prime Music – Siri – Pandora.

The beginning as lean-forward talent.  Behind the mic and on the keyboard.

Recruiting, developing and coaching talent has a long tail and takes patience for pay-off.

Talent – and writing – are differentiators.

From a recent Josh Spector newsletter, he challenges us to answer the following:

“Our brand is the only brand that ___________________.”

Would love to see your replies.

Next Up – F.L.O.