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The Robinson Report – Utility

It rings inside – like it was yesterday. 

As a young talent and just off a record ratings book, the ‘consultant’ came to visit, and outlined that the big audience, during my show, was a product of – the music. 

NOT personality. 

The explanation was classic – radio is like any other ‘utility’. 

Listeners turn it on, expect it to be a service for a short time, and turn it off when they are through. 

Just like the power company, the sewer district or the gas provider

Through the years, even in the pre-consolidation world, this thought has been announced and endorsed at countless seminars and conventions. 

Regrettably, this has often become the self-filling prophecy – reflected by lifeless brands all over the country. 

Media across the USA is homogenized, syndicated and voice-tracked, resulting in a benign, utilitarian sound. 

We continue to be in love with our digital assets while still not mastering consistent local, compelling content for our motherships. 

You can craft recorded audio – even syndicated – with a local and compelling sound. 

I challenge you to listen – actually HEAR – your brand for 30 minutes, today. 

Does your station sound custom for your local market – and reflect what’s happened in the last 24 hours

Or do you find your product simply a background service for your listener? 


You can choose – Utility. 

Or you can choose to develop a compelling brand that makes that switch harder to flip.

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